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Uncover hidden strengths and opportunities. Become a trusted partner within our mystery dining program, chosen by Australia's leading hospitality businesses.

Interested in becoming a Mystery Diner? 

Love good food, attentive service and providing feedback? Help restaurants improve their customer experiences by sharing your unbiased opinion as a Mystery Diner today.

Mystery Dining Program

See your business through your customer's eyes: Objective Perceptions provides an objective customer perception program, giving you a clear picture of your strengths, weakness, and overall customer experience. 

Data-driven insights for staff training and growth: Go beyond guesswork. Our program identifies areas for improvement and helps you understand what truly drives customer satisfaction and loyalty, This translate to actionable insights to boost your bottom line. 

Mystery Diner Team

At Objective Perceptions, we specialise in mystery dining, where our experienced and trained mystery diners visit various restaurants and venues to provide valuable feedback. Mystery Diners enjoy diverse dining experiences, accommodation visits and event spaces and receive full meal reimbursement upon survey completion.

Come and join us today to experience the best of the culinary world.

Services we offer

  • Casual Venues: Casual eateries, bakeries, sports clubs and cafes. 
  • Restaurants: Fine dining, pubs, bars, up-market dining and experiences such as degustation menus. 
  • Event Venues: Function spaces, banquet halls, meeting rooms and event spaces. 
  • Accommodations: Hotels, motels and B&Bs. 

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